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Top 7 Most Awkward Moments on Facebook

There are a lot of awkward moments on Facebook.


Some of these are brought up by the website itself, you know, like when your enemy shows up in your friend suggestions, but some of them have to do with what we put on there. Yes, so sometimes its our fault when things get awkward on Facebook. Let us begin this in reverse count-down form. I guess that’s just count-up, form. Right?

Which pretty much means in regular order starting from 1.

Just go with it, guys ..come on:

1. The Deceiving Profile Picture

Seriously ladies. I know we’ve talked about this one here, let me see if I can find the post.. … OH! Here it is, The misleading profile picture. The image of the fat cat on there cracks me up every time. Anyway, whenever someone is showing me profile pictures, they take the time to tell me “Oh that’s not what she actually looks like” because, well, its true. Some people take a billion self-portraits and pick the top 1%, and THEN spend hours deciding on which one to post, which ends up looking nothing like the actual person.

2. People You May Know

More like people-you-don’t-want-to-add-but-here-they-are-anyway-mua-ha-ha. I’ve seen girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends on there, people that I no longer talk to, childhood friends that I can’t talk to about anything since the only thing we had in common was liking Power Rangers, and getting in trouble together for flushing juice cartons down the toilet in kindergarten. You add them and then what do you say? “Hey how’ve you been?” cricket.. (or is it ‘chirp.. chirp..’? ..whatever.)

3. The Ads

Facebook is smart. When you enter your likes, age, relationship status, sexual orientation, and such, they target ads to you. We once logged into a friend’s Facebook profile and changed his “Interested in Women” to “Interested in Men” and he only noticed because he started getting gay advertisements, asking him to join gay dating websites. Here’s what to expect:

  • Are you over 21? -Beer, parties, careers
  • Single? -Dating websites, games
  • Woman? -Fashion, magazine subscriptions

Sometimes the randomest ads find me, things like obscure campaigns to legalize marijuana, Oprah’s book club, Christian dating. And I have no likes and info about myself on there.

4. The Awkward “Seen” Feature

Oh you know what I’m talking about. Its on the Chat app. When you send a message to someone, it shows when the person saw the message and displays “Seen on 07:21” to the sender. Goodbye to being able to ignore a message and then say that you never read it. Goodbye to taking your time to replying to messages. Hello awkward. Expect a post on this topic soon, you guys have to have some stories to share regarding this.

5. When a Good Facebook Status Gets Ruined by a Relative

Who invited THEM? Just kidding ..sort of. Sure we enjoy having Uncle Ben on there, but must he really comment on every status and embarrass you in front of your friends? Or how about when someone ruins a funny Facebook status with a serious comment? Its like wow, talk about buzz kill.

6. The Ticker

The ticker feature is the thing that shows up on the left sidebar of your homepage showing what every single person on your friends list is doing, liking, and commenting on. Trust me when I say “everything”. It shows you when a person likes pictures, and I’m sure you have that ONE friend that spams your feed with pictures of cats. Well imagine that, but for every person, for every thing. I wouldn’t complain about this if it wasn’t addicting to look at it, but once you see it, your eyes can’t go away from it. It just keeps updating. All the freakin’ time. Sometimes you see something that make you say “Oh HELL no!” *insert a Z-snap here* “She’s still talking to him?” and then you tell your friend who tells their friends and then you have rumors and you know the rest.

7. The Things You Learn About a Person Without Actually Talking to Them

Suppose you meet someone, and he or she interests you. You think about asking if he or she is in a relationship, but if you two end up adding each other on Facebook, you’ll find out anyway. You will also find about his or her favorite movies, books, quotes, and if this person is a dog person or a cat person so what’s the point of asking these things? Is Facebook making us socially awkward? Uh oh. Sometimes a person begins to tell you about something they talked about with someone on Facebook, not knowing that you already know thanks to your Facebook feed. It shows the wall posts, the conversations, and comments. Of course you’re not going to let them know of this, so you’ll just pretend its the first time you hear about it and react accordingly.

Oh, Facebook.

So. Awkward.


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How do YOU know you’re a blogger?

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Do they really look that awkward together?

You know what they say, “To every man his lemonade.”

Darn it, I thought that was going to work.

Ok, so its only me that says that, but I’m trying to start a thing. Anyway, it has been brought up multiple times that it is always a little bit awkward when the woman in the relationship is taller than the man. I see nothing wrong with it.

Alright, I see it now.

So its a bit odd, but tall girls have a lot to deal with already! One of the very first posts I read from a blogger friend had to do with her height, titled “Confessions of a Tall Girl” yes, after a bunch of searching I found it once more. In it, she tells about her experience growing up tall. There are a lot of accounts on Tumblr that talk about the topic. Along with that, there is a Twitter account dedicated to just that @tallgrlprblms. I guess you don’t really notice a problem until they come together on the internet.

Wait. Hold on.. do tall girls and short guys look THAT awkward together?

You guys are crazy! They look fine.

Sort of.

But who says the guy has to be taller than the girl? Sure, a large portion of women may say that, but why is that the case? You sciency people will say that its something biological and that women want someone to blah blah… but why don’t men look for a taller woman? Maybe men do, but subconsciously realize that we’ll get shot down. Haha! That sucks. Women are jerks. (Just kidding!)

Yes, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have had that going, and they looked fine. Jennifer still wouldn’t let go of those high heels.. but I don’t know, I guess its a personal thing.

To every man his lemonade.

What do you guys think?

Are you a tall girl? Do you want a taller guy?


Are any of you guys on Tumblr? Check out! Its new, its awkward, and.. uh, you’ll be cool if you look at it. You DO want to be cool, right? And don’t worry, I’m not leaving WordPress!

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