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When someone gets offended

[Full credit to the cartoonist]

People get offended for many reasons. Full post about this topic coming up soon.

Do you remember a time when you offended someone while you were joking?

Laughing at an inside joke (that you don’t know about)

Laughing is the best therapy. If you laugh hard enough it can also be a workout. And if you laugh harder-er, it can even induce vomiting for those occasions when you swallow something poisonous and the label says it is ok to do so.

That's weird humor.

There are certain moments when you absolutely shouldn't laugh, otherwise you are jerk and you suck.

Moments When You Should Not Laugh

  • When old people fall down in a comical manner, or when they fart.
  • At an elevator (just shut up and look at the numbers), or during that silent moment before the movie comes on at the movie theater. Pretty much everywhere when silence is expected of you.
  • When a police officer is asking you stuff when you get pulled over.
  • When someone is really angry. Like when you piss off your mom.
  • When your girlfriend is frustrated over something you did and mentions the phrase “…taking/take me seriously”
  • When you didn't hear what a person said and don't want to ask them to repeat themselves so you assume they said a joke. It may not be a joke.
By far, one of the most awkward laughing moments comes from when you are with a few people and they say a joke to each other and they all laugh so you feel like you should also laugh… Only to later find out that it was an inside joke and there is no way that you could've gotten it anyway. If the people are nice, they may explain it to you. If they're mean they may ask you if you get it and put you on the spot to try to explain it. That's pretty messed up.

Have you ever laughed when you weren't supposed to do so?



I’ve always wondered where words come from.

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