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Awkward Things to do on Earth Day

Happy Earth DayHappy Earth Day!

Earth Day started around 43 years ago, thanks to Denis Hayes. You can read more about it from Public Radio International.

It is that time of the year when we all remember the importance of  preservation.

Its not about hippies, living la vida loca, or tying ourselves to trees. But for those of you who choose to really make a statement this Earth Day, go all out!

Here are three things you can do today to make things awkward.

  1. Hide in a bathroom stall and wait for someone to take the stall next to yours. When they’re done taking care of business and reach for the toilet paper… yell out HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! And dump a bag of leaves on them.
  2. Get a bunch of friends to make a circle somewhere outdoors, and throw dirt at each other!
  3. Start a “thing” by pinching people for not wearing green today. When they say that it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day and that it doesn’t work, run away yelling “Earth Day streaking!!!” and see if that other “thing” works out and people join you.

Just kidding, guys. Sheesh.

All joking aside, I believe it is important to share this day with little kids… they appreciate nature more than most adults. That is good because maybe some of the members of their generations will take a stronger stand on protecting and preserving the environment.

People make it seem like a tough subject to talk about, with the whole global warming “debate” and the “lost cause” of recycling.. but its actually not that bad. We are slowly destroying our home in exchange for things we don’t need, and some of us are trying to help.

But what ever your views are, celebrate! Go out, have an iced tea! Fly a kite. Take nature photography. Go crazy on Instagram.

Today, we celebrate our home: Earth!



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My Notebook

What do you do when you’re looking for something that you can’t find anywhere?

Have they discontinued one of your favorite candy bars? Cereals? Do you miss the Hostess’ Twinkie?

I felt that way when I was looking for a notebook to write my lecture notes in, and it was almost embarrassing to seem picky about the type of notebook I wanted. I got strange looks from people at my school’s bookstore, Office Max, and I could even sense the awkward vibe in email exchanges with shop owners. I finally got some hope when when the girl at Staples (office supply store) smiled when I asked her.

“Oh! You’re like the fourth person to ask for those,” she told me, excitedly, “but we don’t have them. Maybe online?” with a change of tone.


I wanted a notebook with no lines in it. I wanted it with white sheets, and no perforations (or holes) because I always rip out stuff accidentally. After finding expensive journals and sketchbooks with paper of much better quality than I needed, I decided to make my own notebook. I spoke to shop owners, material suppliers, shipping company reps.. I felt all grown up! Hahaha.

This was a few months back.

And about 10 minutes ago, I launched the website for Emnote Unruled Notebooks.

Emnote Unruled Notebook

I spoke to a few of you about this idea, and am extremely grateful for your support!

For those of you who may not get it, students in mathematics, science, art, and design all struggle with taking notes on lined paper. Some people like to have that space to doodle on, like Lauren from (you guys have to check her out!). And well, why do you think children prefer writing on walls and on huge blank sheets of paper? They’re rule free!

Check out the notebooks here:

The sale price you see on there is ONLY valid through Wednesday! (Pacific standard time)

If you like to try out new things, I would love to get your opinion! Just leave me a comment on this post, tweet me or shoot an email to to find out how to try these out. Very limited quantities available to test. If you know of any bloggers who would be interested, please feel free to share this post!

Thank you guys for reading! I’m excited!


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