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The Awkward List

AKA The List of Awkward Moments (under construction)

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148. Leaving a store without buying anything

147. Find out that your story sucks as you’re telling it.

146. Explaining who someone is through degrees of separation

145. When your stomach makes funny noises

144. Valentine’s Day for Couples Who Just Started Dating

143. Being afraid of something dumb

142. Being embarrassed by something that happened a long time ago

141. When people do it in the car

140. Throwing away a pizza box

139. When your friends use your name as a verb to refer to something you constantly do

138. That awkward, rushed-walk you do when someone holds the door for you because you’re too far

137. That instant when you realize you’re wrong during an argument

136. Having to wipe off the sweat from the cell phone you just borrowed

135. When someone sucks at karaoke and you’re all embarrassed for them

134. The awkward trends on Twitter

133. When you think the waiter is bringing your food, but it isn’t yours

132. When your ringtone makes the situation awkward

131. When you press the “Try me!” button on a toy and you can’t get it to shut up

130. That awkward moment when a woman tells you she’s pregnant and you don’t know if you should say congratulations or not

129. Sneaking into the restroom when you’re not a customer

128. When you realize that you sing The Alphabet Song in order to know what letter comes next

127. Getting all dressed up and bumping into no one worth impressing

126. That awkward moment when you can’t remember if something was a dream, or if it actually happened

125. When your eye randomly starts twitching

124. Pronouncing a word you learned by only reading it

123. When a person falls asleep next to you on the bus

122. When someone doesn’t ask for your I.D. because you’re old

121. When you get introduced to an ugly baby, and are forced to fake an “Oh my god, he’s so cute” face

120. When you try to speak to someone who is wearing earphones, and you get ignored

119. When a tiny piece of food flies out of your mouth while speaking

118. Out of a 2-hour movie, your parents walk in on the 10-second sex scene

117. That awkward kick thing you have to do to get your blanket back the “right way” at night

116. When someone is chewing loudly and they don’t realize it

115. When fat people call themselves fat

114. When the professor doesn’t notice your raised hand

113. When it was you who left the bathroom stinky

112. When your prank ends up making you feel like a jerk

111. Accidentally walking in front someone’s camera as they take a picture

110. When someone gets your name wrong and you go along with it

109. Unintentionally sexual stuff

108. Awkward moments in middle school

107. Awkward search terms that lead people to your blog

106. Bumping into someone you have as a friend on Facebook, but don’t talk to in real life

105. Naked old people in the locker room

104. Trying to pass a slow walker on the sidewalk

103. When you can’t tell if someone is male or female

102. A misleading profile picture

101. Someone cutting in line

100. The awkward hug

99. Someone leaves the restroom without washing their hands

98. Your ex shows up as your “best match” in a dating website

97. Forgetting why you went into the room

96. Getting caught lying

95. Being with the other job candidates in the waiting room

94. The English language

93. Raising your hand and the professor not noticing

92. When your elbow slides off the edge of the desk

91. The string of saliva

90. When you can’t find the straw

89. Thinking that your traffic light has turned green and pulling a little forward. But it’s still red.

88. Getting pulled over

87. Not being able to find the sleeve on your jacket

86. When the voice does not match the person

85. Someone wearing your exact same outfit

84. Embarrassing typos

83. When someone talks to you while you’re pooping

82. When a sexual song comes on the radio

81. When holding a pencil again feels weird

80. When the alarm beeps as you’re leaving a store

79. Choking on your drink

78. When it looks like you peed yourself

77. Questioning if you should “Like” something on Facebook

 76. When the computer asks if you would like to save your changes

75. Not knowing which armrest is yours at a movie theater

74. Falling asleep in class

73. Meeting the parents for the first time

72. Knocking something off a shelf at a store

71. Saying “goodbye” and then walking in the same direction

70. Someone you unfriended requests you on Facebook

69. Getting “The Sex Talk” from your parents

68. Farting in front of your partner for the first time

67. Noticing that your armpits smell

66. Bumping heads

65. Failing at something you’re normally good at doing

64. Finding out that you were on speakerphone

63. Noticing that you’re out of toilet paper

62. When your professor asks you to find a partner

61. When your parents talk about sex

60. Realizing that they were not waving at you

59. When automatic doors don’t open automatically

58. Saying something at the same time

57. Not knowing which camera to look at

56. Wishing a happy birthday on the wrong day

55. When you can hear people doing it

54. The peeing noise

53. Offering a handshake that goes unnoticed

52. When it sounds like you farted

51. Getting asked something when your mouth is full

50. Sneezing

49. Accidentally touching someone’s butt while walking

48. Asking a non-pregnant woman when the baby is due

47. Walking into a spider web

46. Not knowing if someone’s baby is a boy or a girl

45. Getting a call while sitting on the toilet

44. Forgetting someone’s name  (Featured on Freshly Pressed!)

43. When your butt itches

42. Hearing someone say “I’m not invited.”

41. Getting honked at

40. Saying “you too” at an inappropriate time

39. When you really have to pee

38. Looking at the dead guy in a movie

37. Questioning the spelling of a commonly used word

36. Laughing when you’re not supposed to

35. Angry customers

34. Getting locked out of your home

33. Getting hit on

32. People speaking a foreign language around you

31. Getting rejected

30. Making people repeat themselves

29. When someone tells you that they miss you (and you don’t miss them back)

28. Bumping into an ex

27. When your credit card declines

26. Tripping and falling

25. Silence in a crowded elevator

24. Dozing off

23. When someone has a booger

22. Public restrooms

21. First dates

20. Being asked “Did you just wake up?”

19. When people around you start arguing

18. Pimples

#17 The Sidewalk Dance

#16 Silence after group laughter

#15 When food falls before reaching your mouth

#14 Pooping at a friend’s house

#13 Sex scenes

#12 Making a full stop when a cop is around

#11 When someone fails at parking

#10 Running for the bus

#9 Farts

#8 An angry stomach

#7 Saying “no” to surveys or petitions

#6 When children tell you the truth

#5 When you push instead of pull

#4 Waiting for your dog to finish pooping

#3 Someone uses the bathroom stall next to yours

#2 Making eye contact with a stranger

#1 Getting caught pretending to be on your cell phone

Awkward Gallery

Updated: 01/31/2014

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  1. Dian Wijayanti #

    Is bumping into PDA in the office/workplace considered awkward universally? Or is it just in my country? You know, when you enter the office with lots of work in your mind, yet… you open the door and saw your co-workers kissing and… you’re considering whether to keep walking and interfere.

    August 26, 2011
  2. When your family comes over to visit you & your neighbor has super loud sex… And your dad asks if they have a cat next door…

    September 13, 2011
  3. When somebody is inside the restroom and you’re rushing to poop 🙂

    September 16, 2011
  4. Nadia #

    The awkward moment when you speak in a crowd, but no one listens and you slow down your speach while whispering.

    November 4, 2011
  5. meganh143 #

    FYI…Noticed that links don’t work on the next pages of the awkard moments list.

    April 14, 2012
  6. That awkward moment when you answer the front door and the woman asks you if your parents are home.

    (*By the way, I am 27 years old*)

    December 18, 2012
    • That happened to me also!! Hahahaha I was in my apartment and was like uh…. what?

      GOOD ONE! Thank you!

      January 7, 2013
  7. Pooper #

    When I poop at school and someone walks into the bathroom and hears your poop falling into the toilet. Also when you pull out the toilet paper and people hear that. Also, when you fart while pooping and someone hears that.

    February 9, 2013
  8. Jackson Williams #

    Forgetting to say thanks after receiving a gift

    January 19, 2014
  9. Rori #

    Having to change a pad in the bathroom. And you open it, and sounds like a bag of freaking doritos and everyone know nows its your time of month.

    February 12, 2014


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