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I’m thankful for what I have –PSYCHE! I want more stuff!


Did you guys get a good haul?

Election Results Awkward for Fox News


Fox obviously had a favorite.

137. That instant when you realize you’re wrong during an argument

English: Waffle House Logo

English: Waffle House Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A physics professor told our class one day:

“Educated people do not argue, they discuss.”

People around me argue all the time. About solutions to homework problems, about the presidential elections here in the U.S., and about who came first: the chicken or the egg. Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure the chicken came first. Who thinks otherwise? Let’s “discuss”.

Have you ever been in an argument, and suddenly you realize that you are 100% wrong!? Here is what you guys do .2 seconds after that realization:

  • Pause. Think of something to say while stretching out the word “Well…”
  • Get mad. You say “whatever!” and act all offended.
  • Admit it and apologize. Then take back the apology once the other person starts being a jerk about it.
  • If the argument is over the internet, you attack his or her grammar and punctuation.
  • Offend their mother.
  • Ninja-roll out of the scene, never to be seen again.

Why do people argue? Why do people fight?

They just make things awkward.

Last summer, I was staying in Florida. Before checking into the hotel, I stopped by for a really early breakfast at a Waffle House (we don’t have those in California! Why!?). There was one really big tattoed-biker dude eating on the counter, when three high school guys walk in and order.

“How much you weigh?” one of the guys asked the biker dude.

“245” the dude replied.

“Yeah right, you don’t look it,” the guy said.

The biker dude walks up to the high school guy, and asks the same question back. They begin arguing for some reason, and next thing you know.. the biker dude punched the high school kid in the face!

The waitress took off her shoe and threw it at the window. That was random and unnecessary, but anyway.. she kicked the biker dude out and left the high school guys stay. Next thing you know, my hash browns get cold because the police officer that got there about 20 minutes later wanted a description because the facility’s cameras were fake. Why do all of you business owners do that?

Whose fault was it?

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