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Hey Guys! An update.

So I’ve been working on a new blog, this one based on another true passion of mine.

I remember blogging here on Awkwardlist at coffee shops all over California. Jeez, those times were rough.

But they brought along a great following and I’ve met so many great people from all over the place through this website. Thank you so much for sticking around!

Anyway, this new website is based on travel.

Actually more of a “do what you want” approach to living life unconventionally. As some of you may know, I had trouble finding out what I really wanted to do in life… but I knew that I absolutely did not want to work a 9-5 job, every day, for the rest of my life until I die.

I wanted to live.

There were many things holding me back, and many of them were in my head. So after doing some thinking, I dropped everything and left the country to try my luck elsewhere.

I went to Mexico, then went back to Los Angeles briefly, and then came down to South America, where I am now. With not a lot of money, less than $1,200 dollars to my name, the help of a few friends, and a little luck thanks to my family’s support and guidance, I’m in Ecuador today.

Sounds a bit crazy, right?

Yeah, it is. Along the way I’ve encountered a ton of awkward situations, including people doing “it” in 10 bed dorm rooms, almost getting stabbed while sitting on a bench because of some drugged up dude, and some other  eerie stuff… I actually watched a man get shot about 10 meters away from me.

You can read that story here:

How to Travel the World

I’ve definitely done a lot of thinking.

Despite all of that, I’m still pretty awkward, and I will be publishing an ebook on awkward stuff, just like on here! I don’t know how well it will do, but for those of you who have been loyal blogger and reader friends to me over the years, I’d like you to be the first to find out what is going on.

So here is the favor I will ask of you.

The website will be launched soon, and I would like your support in the form of your email address. You can tweet it to me, comment it to me, email it to me (edwincov -at- gmail), instagram it, in any way you can think of. The most creative way will get a prize.


You will get to watch this thing from up close and be in the loop, along with providing me with some help regarding posts and ideas. Once this thing grows, you’ll be the first people to know and receive those awesome beta products.

What do you say?

Hit me up anywhere to get started!

Thank you guys!



And now, back to our regular programming.

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