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The Awkward List, Page 3

The List of Awkward Moments:
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41. Getting honked at
42. Hearing someone say “I’m not invited.”
43. When your butt itches
44. Forgetting someone’s name  Post promoted to Freshly Pressed!
45. Getting a call while sitting on the toilet
46. Not knowing if someone’s baby is a boy or a girl
47. Walking into a spider web
48. Asking a non-pregnant woman when the baby is due
49. Accidentally touching someone’s butt while walking
50. Sneezing
51. Getting asked something when your mouth is full
52. When it sounds like you farted
53. Offering a handshake that goes unnoticed
54. The peeing noise
55. When you can hear people doing it
56. Wishing a happy birthday on the wrong day
57. Not knowing which camera to look at
58. Saying something at the same time
59. When automatic doors don’t open automatically
60. Realizing that they were not waving at you

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