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That’s a Whole Nother Story

You’ve said it, I’ve said it.

We use the word “nother” in that phrase. This is what I see as I type this:

Thank you, WordPress! Yes, this is not a word, but we use it. Sometimes without even noticing it. During the last post is when I REALLY noticed it.. when I was typing “a whole other story”. I was like,

Hmm.. why does that look so wrong?

But that’s fine. As we could all tell from the previous post, the English language is a little messed up. We came up with a bunch of other troublesome words! Here’s some of them:

“Burial” –thelostgirleatscake

“Comb” –Venom

“Chores, maneuver, lambaste, suite” –Meghna

“Aisles” –Princesayasmine

“Quoth, gazebo” –knotrune

“Garage” –feistygirl


And don’t worry, I am not one to care too much about grammar and pronunciation but sometimes its tough to avoid such things.

Edwin, this blog is called awkward list, not grammar school or the-English-language-is-weird-dot-com!

Yes, I know that! Have you ever tried talking to someone with a very thick accent? You may politely ask them to repeat themselves once or twice, but after the third time it just gets awkward. But it’s even more awkward, as we discovered, when a word is pronounced “incorrectly”.

A while ago, I went to my friend’s graduation ceremony from a place called Concorde. During the speeches, the students and every one else would pronounce Concorde as “Con-Chord” until one of the last speakers went up there and pronounced it “Con-Chord-ee”. It was loud and clear.

CONcordee. Blah blah blah CONCORDEE blah blah blah and proud and blah blah CONCORDEE

Sure the majority may have been wrong, but.. well that’s a good question, actually. Let me explain: I posted a video as a comment on one of PCC’s posts that shows a strange phenomenon, but i can find it, haha oops. Anyway, in it, a group of people walk into an elevator and begin to do pre-coordinated motions such as taking off their hats at the same time, etc. but they start off by getting into the elevator and facing the back wall. Then they wait for a victim. He or she comes in, wonders why everyone is looking at the back wall, and then does it anyway. [Has anyone else seen it? Please post it here! :)] The point is, We all want to fit in, right? What would you do?

Do you know what this means?!

Introducing to you, the word Nother, pronounced ..uhh, rhymes with mother! Sample sentences:

•I can’t get rid of this nother thing!
•Wow, man, she has a VERY nice nother.
•Excuse me, sir, can you show me how to get to the nother?

As a verb:
•So then, we went up to her room and totally nothered.
•I was nothering about going somewhere else.
•Think before you nother, buddy.

Actually, I think it just sounds good only in one sentence. I wonder how it got started.. but,

That’s a whole nother story.

A refund for the time I spent learning cursive, please.

Every once in a while, I actually write by hand. Actually the only time I do it is when I have to sign something, or when I’m taking notes in class.

Do you fellow bloggers like to write by hand?

I used to do it all the time back when our essays actually had to be handwritten and word processed work was a twice-a-year thing. I actually looked forward to typing them up, but even back then we had to write them first by hand, and THEN type them up. I like to write, but it did come with a few difficulties along the way…


Sometimes I wish that we could get a refund for the time we spent learning cursive. Our teachers emphasized it so much, they made us think that in high school, cursive would be the only allowed writing-style. Then, after 4th grade, I never saw it again. Pheew..

Peer Editing

“Alright students, pick a partner, and trade papers” oh how I hated those words. Well first of all, picking a partner is awkward already, but then letting them see our grammatical errors and give them the Power of the Red Pen? Horrible stuff.

Writing a Word You Don’t Mean to Write 

Have you ever been writing something, then someone asks you a question and you write what you meant to say, not what you meant to write? (Whoa, did that question make sense?) Sometimes I’m typing up a post here on WordPress and it happens.. and sometimes it happens when I’m trying to text somebody (more on that in a later post :] )

That Awkward Moment When..

You cross something out instead of underlining it.

“This would never happen on MS Word!”

But yes, I’ve done it, and for some reason, I keep doing it. Sometimes I THINK I’m doing a good job on it, and the line looks near perfect under the word.. and then it gets crooked and goes right up to cross it out. Umph.

84. Embarrassing typos

“He was going to pick up food and some other thongs.”
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