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Ladies, do you agree?


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Checking yourself out on a reflective window

Men and women have a completely different way of approaching a reflective surface. Men typically look at themselves, and straighten up the posture and relax the shoulders.

Women, on the other hand, have a script written out detailing their every move. Let’s assume that you are a woman walking down the street at 7am, not many people are around and you are trying out a new shirt.


Woman is walking down the street. She spots a giant window belonging to a Thai restaurant to her right. Trying act all casual, she keeps walking, and glances at herself. Well more specifically, glances at HER BUTT.

It’s a “thing”.. Women enjoy checking out their butts.

Then she straightens out her shirt, she adjusts her skirt, makes sure she brings out the chest area, and bam! she’s good to go.

Some go as far as to walk up to the surface, smile very widely to check their teeth, and check those dark lines they paint around the eyes (I forget the name).

You look hot

This seems like every day stuff to you guys, but have you ever been INSIDE a store or office, and have been able to witness such things happening? It happened to me while I was drinking some tea one morning. People would literally walk up to the window and stick out their butts while leaning their heads back, get rid of that wedgie, and keep walking. Dudes mostly adjusted their collars and straightened their posture.

Have you ever been checking yourself out on a window and then slowly the image of the people on the other side begins to become clear through the glass?


So awkward.

You look beautiful

Wearing make up?

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