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How to Act Like Yourself Around Your Crush

150. Trying to act cool around someone you like

You hear about this all over the place: When you tell a couple of friends that you have a huge crush on some girl, and then they try to leave you two alone, and suddenly their new life goal is to make it awkward for you every time she’s around.

Like if she comes by and sits next to you, everyone suddenly starts looking at you two. As if a rainbow is going to show up above both of you out of nowhere.

Of COURSE it is difficult to act like yourself around your crush, so here are some tips to follow:

1. Don’t tell the whole world about it, at least not right away. They will make it awkward for you and for the other person. Guaranteed. Even if they don’t do it directly, you’re bound to become more self-conscious. That leads to awkwardness.

2. Stop talking so much. Enough said.

3. If you’re acting too nervous, take a break. Tell him/her that you have to use the restroom, have to answer a phone call, or that you need to feed your Tamagotchi really quick. Anything to get you out of there to give you about 45 seconds to regroup and calm down.

4. Be yourself. Unless you kinda suck. Most people don’t, so you’re most likely clear and are OK with just being yourself. You want this person to like you for who you are, right?

Things get pretty uncomfortable around that one special person:

Suddenly your planned conversations fail right after saying “Hello,” and other times you can’t keep your voice from cracking, or acting shaky and nervous. Perhaps you find yourself saying “me too” way too often, or you act so strange that the other person ends up asking you if you’re OK.

Anyone been in a situation like that? What would your advice be?

Love: You KNOW This Story

Why do nice guys finish last? The girl ends up liking the jerk instead and blah blah blah.. its always the same thing. People have many explanations for this phenomenon.. why do YOU think it happens?

The topic of love is indeed an awkward one, from getting rejected, to awkwardness of dating life (yes, online too) , and dealing with exes.. so instead on focusing on the “why?” I’ll just .. uh, share this thing I made with you.

Share it with that one nice guy, who always finishes last.. he’ll get his turn.


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