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79. Choking on your drink

A sudden noise disrupts the quietness of the office.  Read more


58. Saying something at the same time

Here is the scenario:

You’re at a sushi bar with a couple of friends, enjoying the raw fish, rice and all the other cool stuff you can find at a place like that. After a while, the conversation dies down a little which hints that a change of topic is necessary. Certain people are better at it than others, because some people just have interesting things to talk about. Well what if there are two interesting people at the table that notice the sudden death of a conversation and want bring forth a new one?

That’s you. YOU are one of the interesting, awesome people. And suddenly you want to talk about how your car broke down and the mechanic messed it up even more. But your friend wants to talk about his ex-girlfriend going out with his brother now. Here’s what it would sound like:

So I can’t believe freakin’ mechanic she’s going out with made it worse with my brother!”

Whatta what?!

That’s right. Yup. Sometimes people just keep talking even though another person is talking. But who can blame them? There is no talking right-of-way rule listed anywhere.

And other times, neither of them wants to talk! Suddenly the battle of you-go begins:

So I can’t believe freakin— oh.”

“You go,”

“No, you go. I was going to say something dumb.”

“Well I forgot what I was going to say anyway.”

Great, so neither of them will say anything. And, we’re back to square one. Both people might turn away and leave you with a dead conversation. Once more.


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51. Getting asked something when your mouth is full

While sitting with a group of friends, talking to one another and enjoying each other’s company, you probably feel very comfortable. (If you have no friends, then just imagine that you do; don’t ruin it for everybody.) It’s awesome, right? One of the things that people enjoy doing to socialize is to go out to eat together. It almost never gets awkward.

But has anyone asked you something just as you took a huge bite of something?! Seriously man, what is up with that?

They just sit there watching you chew your food in a rush in order to have you answer their question that was probably something not important like “So, like, did you see what she was wearing?”

Some people have a tendency to ask questions just as your mouth gets full, and then they just watch you struggle as you’re attempting to not choke trying to speak and chew a lot faster, while keeping your train of thought and maintaining a proper breathing rhythm at the same time!

Oh what? You like to talk with your mouth full anyway? My apologies, this does not apply to you.

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