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Let’s Get Personal.

It is time.

We have gotten to know each other here on for a little over three years now, and I’m about to make things even more awkward. We’re getting personal.

Introducing, my new personal blog:

To Do With My Life (.com)

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Love: You KNOW This Story

Why do nice guys finish last? The girl ends up liking the jerk instead and blah blah blah.. its always the same thing. People have many explanations for this phenomenon.. why do YOU think it happens?

The topic of love is indeed an awkward one, from getting rejected, to awkwardness of dating life (yes, online too) , and dealing with exes.. so instead on focusing on the “why?” I’ll just .. uh, share this thing I made with you.

Share it with that one nice guy, who always finishes last.. he’ll get his turn.


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74. Falling asleep in class

It is like torture!

Actually, I’m pretty sure it is. Have you ever seen those television shows where the cops are interrogating a suspect of a crime or something, and they keep the suspect awake in a dark room with a bright light shining down? … Read more

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