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When a horse gets an erection

I went as a chaperone for a first-grade field trip to a park. I know the field trip sounds pretty lame already but it was a huge park with lots of things to do. It had rides, sandboxes and even a petting zoo.


Children love animals, and they love making noises like “eww” and making gestures that explain how they are feeling at the moment like the whole “someone farted” thing where the kid clamps her nose with her hand and points at me someone.. Even though its totally natural and maybe that person had a lot of green vegetables earlier that day.

We were walking through the stables when I saw a group of kids saying eww, which apparently also attracts a large group of them. One of the kids looks up at me and asks,

“What IS that?”

“What is what?” I asked, looking around waiting to see a cow taking a massive dump or something.

Then I see it.


That, my friends is a picture of “Lil Sebastian” from the television show “Parks and Recreation”, but it clearly explains what I saw. And yes it is blurred.

Kids have no boundaries when it comes to awkwardness. I tried to change the subject to the ostrich eggs but they kept asking about it so I did what any mature individual would do in a situation like that: I started singing Old McDonald had a farm… What? It worked for a little bit.


What would YOU have done?


Celebrating Round People and Things

What the heck is Pi?


That’s how I got to know Pi.

piIn early mathematics, they gave us that number to find the area of a circle, for finding circumference, and then the same idea got put into finding surface areas of cones, volume of a sphere, cylinders.. ah, so much great stuff.

Pi in Easy Terms:

The symbol Pi, which looks like a horse with really long legs that you’d find painted in some cave, is a number. That’s right, π is just some number. That number happens to be 3.1415926.. and it keeps going on forever. Without a repetition pattern of some sort (yet).

What’s So Special About Pi?

Ah.. that’s where this gets awesome. See, a long time ago, some dude named Archimedes, which may [or may not] have been know to his buddies as A-meds, was thinking about circles. He came up with a ratio, of the distance around a circle and the diameter of the circle.

Whoa there, take it easy man. You lost me.

Suppose you are in a running track that is shaped like a circle. The halfway mark is right across the track from where you’re starting, and you finish right back where you started to count as one lap.

If you were to run the whole thing fair and square (or fair and circle), how much distance would you cover? They don’t make rulers shaped like circles often, so when getting an accurate distance is important, the number Pi comes in. You can measure the distance directly toward the halfway mark (think of cutting a circle in half), and then multiply by Pi (3.14159), and MAGIC! You have the distance around it.

Uh, no dude. I don’t get it.

Alright, think of a tire from your car. We’re going to try some imagination here, people. You grab a ruler and measure how tall the tire is, and let’s say that it is one foot tall. What? You like your tires small. Anyway.. visualize the following: Suddenly, the tire turns all cartoon-status, and is now just a circle. A thin line going around to make a circle. See it? Ok, cool. Now, the circle turns into string (still in the shape of a circle). Now I grab some scissors and SNAP! I cut the circle one time and  I now have a string. The height of that tire, and the length of the string we have now have something in common. And that “something” is pi. The length of that string would be 3.14159 (aka pi) feet. True story, bro.

Pi is the ratio of circumference and diameter of a circle. It is close to 22/7.. but not quite.

Other Stuff

Pi was used way before Archimedes wrote out the ratio, it just wasn’t called Pi. But we knew those distances had something in common. I mean belts go around in a circle-ish around our waist, and I’m sure they had those back then. And before then, there were strings and robes and such. Ever taken off your belt and seen noticed how long the belt really is? Pi ratios!

People hold competitions to see how many numbers they can memorize of pi, since it really does go on forever. Shigeru Kondo broke his previous record set in August 2011 and has calculated (with computer programs and such) up to more than 10 TRILLION DIGITS!!


Thanks for reading and hey look! You learned something new today.

Happy Pi Day, all! 🙂

Note: Pi day is true to us month-first people. We say the date as Month/Day/Year, instead of Day/Month/Year

Being a College Student

When I was in middle school, I felt like I wasn’t “old enough” to be there because in elementary school, middle schoolers looked tall and intimidating. In high school, same thing. I always thought about tv shows and movies that constantly showed that many people’s last memories of you will be of high school, and that they will always remember how dorky you were and how you always chose the same color for the bands of your braces.

In college, that feeling goes away after freshman year. Before you know it, you adjust to the college life and get to attend a lame frat party. You then experience some drama, learn that you don’t have to go to class, and then quickly unlearn that previous thing after getting your first F.

The greatest stories of my life are about college, and the biggest mistakes I’ve made are related to it. But it’s still awesome and awkward! For those of you receiving your letters of admission now.. congratulations! And for those letters of rejection, you’re not alone.. don’t give up!

What do YOU remember most about college?


Oh, I almost forgot. My sister Jennifer from San Diego State University has a short message for a good cause that I’d like to share:

“Would you like to donate a few dollars to my cause? I am doing a walk for the National Alliance for Mental Illness on April 13th, 2013 and my minimal goal is to reach 100 dollars by that date. It’s just a quick transaction online on Anything will help! :)”

Mental illness is a serious issue, and I’m grateful for those who try to make a positive change.

Happy Monday!


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