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27. When your credit card declines

Even if I know I have money, I always cross my fingers when I swipe my bank card. Sometimes I’m forced to wait for those machines with a slow connection that lead me to a nervous staring contest with the little machine until I finally see it twitch as it gets ready to print out the receipt. Then I win. Yes!

I check my accounts regularly to make sure that I have funds in my bank.. not so much because I’m paranoid that my money will get lost or something, but because I dislike that awkward moment when your card declines.

“Sorry sir, your card declined.”

And some people actually tell you just like that. Sometimes you get the nicer ones that say:

“Do you have another card? This one didn’t go through.”

But it’s still embarrassing! It’s almost as if the whole world just stops and suddenly everyone turns to look at you. This has happened to me once so far.

I was buying a sandwich. People were behind me, some of them really hungry-looking. Everyone seemed very rushed that afternoon for some reason. Then they told me the phrase. I didn’t know what to say. A woman started tapping on the counter, and I felt like I needed to get out of there fast! Suddenly, I got an idea. I just looked at my card, and asked them to try it again.I know it had available funds, so it must’ve been a problem with the card itself because it worked the second time.


Unfortunately, not all of us have the same luck. Has this ever happened to you?

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