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Becoming a Verb

139. When your friends use your name as a verb to refer to something you constantly do

Are you a verb?

I’m not hoping to start an argument here. You can be what ever you set your mind to, so if you choose to be a contraction or an adjective, go for it.

“But I’m a noun.”

Yes. I know that. Just… ok?

I was sitting with a group of friends at a table when I heard one of them say “OK.. so now you’re going to bust an Ed?”

“Uh, you know I’m still here, right?” I shot back.

“I think I’m gonna have to ‘Edwin’ this one,” Ellie told the others, completely ignoring me, “if I never ask, I’ll never know, you know?” she continued.

Because yes, I have been guilty of asking the most random questions. I once walked up to a table at the cafeteria in college and asked someone “Hey, do you need a couch?” completely out of nowhere, and she just looked at me silently before laughing at what had just happened. I would I eventually lose the couch but gained one seriously-awesome friend.

So Ellie went up to another girl and asked something about woman stuff.. like about heels or make up or something sort-of-unimportant. They became friends for a while until, well, you know.. women issues.

Let me introduce you to some blogger-turned-into-verbs:

“Why’d you go all Sandi on us?” – To disappear from blogging for a while. Hahaha I’m glad she’s back with more stories! (Blogger: Sandi)

“Look on the bright side, go Lame-Adventuring, dude” – To take a “whatever” life event and turn it into a hilarious adventure whilst being economical even it means building your own chairs to save a few bucks. (Blogger: Lame Adventure Woman)

“I should probably Lauren more around here” – To turn things into glitter, unicorns, laughter, and dresses. See also: To doodle. (Blogger: Lauren)

Even though the mentioned WordPressers’ verbs are also synonyms to awesome-ing, other people use verbs in other ways.

Match a friend with one of the following:

  • To over think
  • To chicken out
  • To laugh at the wrong time
  • To fall asleep on the phone
  • To get emotional

How would people use you as a verb?

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