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The Awkward List

The List of Awkward Moments:
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  1. Getting caught pretending to be on your cell phone
  2. Making eye contact with a stranger
  3. Someone uses the bathroom stall next to yours
  4. Waiting for your dog to finish pooping
  5. When you push instead of pull
  6. When children tell you the truth
  7. Saying “no” to surveys or petitions
  8. An angry stomach
  9. Farts
  10. Running for the bus
  11. When someone fails at parking
  12. Making a full stop when a cop is around
  13. Sex scenes
  14. Pooping at a friend’s house
  15. When food falls before reaching your mouth
  16. Silence after group laughter
  17. The Sidewalk Dance
  18. Pimples
  19. When people around you start arguing
  20. Being asked “Did you just wake up?”
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  1. This is absolutely hilarious! What a clever, clever blog concept. I have another one:

    Telling someone “I love you” and they say “thank you” back.

    (Thankfully this hasn’t happened to me yet!)

    Thanks for the extra laugh today!

    Keep shining,
    The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

    June 16, 2011
    • that has happened with me…

      August 23, 2011
  2. nicoleta #

    or telling someone “i love you” and they say “I….like you too”

    June 17, 2011
  3. E.G. Cosh #

    Good list.

    August 23, 2011
  4. Allurah #

    Akward momment when a gps tell a gay guy to go straight and wen u talk to one of ur best guy friends and h look at him and realize that he is hott!

    December 8, 2011


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