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When your spoon gets swallowed up by your soup

Have you ever been eating soup all relaxed, or maybe during a first date (so super nervous), and leave your spoon leaning against the wall of your bowl, when IT happens?

The spoon becomes alive as it tries to escape, and you see it fall slowly, slowly, until it disappears underneath all of that tomato or pasta or veggies or ketchup (uh, what kind of soup are you eating?).

Your spoon has been swallowed up. It just fell right down. But now here is the moment of truth:

What the heck do you do?

You can try to stick your hand in there and get it out, but this isn’t cereal we’re talking about. See, with cereal, anything goes –but not with soup. That thing is hot, yo. Its also kinda really gross to stick your hand in something warm or hot. Tell me how many times have you ever done that?

I saw this happen just yesterday while I was out eating with a friend. I saw her expression as the spoon slowly disappeared into the abyss, and she just said “Oh no!” but left it. She didn’t continue eating her soup, and instead asked the waiter to put it in a container and took it home. I think she forgot that her spoon was still somewhere in that bowl, hidden under egg and drop (okay, egg drop soup is just.. egg.. right?.. or.. wait, never mind).

That waiter must have been surprised to see the spoon in there. But hey, if he didn’t notice.. woo! Free spoon. 🙂

  1. I remember asking for an extra spoon which I used to fish the first one out and then trying to wipe the handle of the first spoon and then wondering what I was supposed to do with two spoons! I was flustered become my company was someone I wasn’t entirely myself with. But if no one’s looking or if I’m with friends I’ll just fish it out. 😀

    August 5, 2015
    • Haha, yes, everything is so much easier when no one’s looking :p ..hmm eating with two spoons.. that might be more efficient.

      Just kidding. Thanks for the comment!

      August 5, 2015

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