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Drunk people and the Super Bowl


Man, that game was awkward. I was waiting for my clothes to finish drying when I caught the end of the game. Ouch. There was no suspense, no yelling, and even the team that won felt like the other team let them win.

I think my favorite part was the drunk guy who did the coin toss. I didn’t actually see it live, but the internet made fun of him and I couldn’t miss it. Maybe he wasn’t drunk, but I’ll take my chances on those odds. Supposedly the Super Bowl is one of the top drunk “holidays” along with New Years Eve celebrations.

The PETA commercial was pretty funny, found on: , where a guy is about to get it on and then starts talking about how people NEED to eat animals and ruins the moment as he becomes a horse’s butt in the girl’s eyes.

Then, the National Entity to Indoctrinate for Goodwill to Horses (NEIGH) sent a letter to PETA and were all like “Yo, that’s not cool.”

Not a joke. Check it out on the link just added on here.

These are serious organizations, guys. They get teased so much! I wonder why…

  1. Love the cows!

    February 3, 2014
    • Agree!
      That image is hilarious, Edwin!

      February 4, 2014

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