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Failing at Things

Have you ever said “leetle” instead of “little” or something similar?

When you mispronounce something, you will get teased for a little bit. You just have to take it. It happens sometimes though, sort of like when you’re writing and the next word begins with the letter that the previous letter ends with and you…

Oh, right, let me explain:

Suppose you’re taking notes and the lecturer says “Many green ninjas.” Because of some weird supernatural phenomenon, you will be tempted to write “many gree ninjas”. Maybe it’s just me.

It isn’t that you forgot how to write, or how to speak… you just messed up. People fail at common things all the time, like eating ice cream.


Just sitting there.

And falling.

Of course you can also take something common and make awesome, like this guy:


Happy Monday!


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  1. That ice cream soccer kid, gets me every time. Being awkward happens. But take it with grace like Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars and laugh at yourself. Being serious only makes it worse.

    December 3, 2013

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