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How to Act Like Yourself Around Your Crush

150. Trying to act cool around someone you like

You hear about this all over the place: When you tell a couple of friends that you have a huge crush on some girl, and then they try to leave you two alone, and suddenly their new life goal is to make it awkward for you every time she’s around.

Like if she comes by and sits next to you, everyone suddenly starts looking at you two. As if a rainbow is going to show up above both of you out of nowhere.

Of COURSE it is difficult to act like yourself around your crush, so here are some tips to follow:

1. Don’t tell the whole world about it, at least not right away. They will make it awkward for you and for the other person. Guaranteed. Even if they don’t do it directly, you’re bound to become more self-conscious. That leads to awkwardness.

2. Stop talking so much. Enough said.

3. If you’re acting too nervous, take a break. Tell him/her that you have to use the restroom, have to answer a phone call, or that you need to feed your Tamagotchi really quick. Anything to get you out of there to give you about 45 seconds to regroup and calm down.

4. Be yourself. Unless you kinda suck. Most people don’t, so you’re most likely clear and are OK with just being yourself. You want this person to like you for who you are, right?

Things get pretty uncomfortable around that one special person:

Suddenly your planned conversations fail right after saying “Hello,” and other times you can’t keep your voice from cracking, or acting shaky and nervous. Perhaps you find yourself saying “me too” way too often, or you act so strange that the other person ends up asking you if you’re OK.

Anyone been in a situation like that? What would your advice be?

Your Internet Search History

I was recently reminded about what  stores in their huge servers, and instead of being worried about searching for ways to clean my dog’s pee stains from white carpet, I began to wonder about all of the other dumb stuff I’ve searched in all the time I’ve had access to the internet.

I’ve searched for the correct spelling of really easy words, for the amount of water to add to a rice cooker, and lots of searches for flash games. As I’ve said in a previous post, in which people find this blog by searching for “I have to pee really badly”. And it happens often. Others just like to brag about their new video games, or about their high scores on, right on the search bar. Hey, whatever floats their boats, right?

I understand that many conspiracy theorists stay away from such places, and believe that Facebook is really created by the government to find out information about us and what we’re doing, and to find out what the spaghetti we had for dinner looks like with a vintage filter lens. Yeah yeah, so it may happen. I’m mostly just embarrassed to think that someday I’ll be able to see a list of all the things I’ve searched for.

Of course there are other touchy subjects, like when people go online searching for inappropriate things, or really weird freaky things.. like those videos on YouTube about people getting hit in their private parts. Ouch! Why would anyone search for those things?

One of my favorite things now is the little search suggestion box thing that appears when you enter something on Google. Earlier today, I entered “mil..” and “mila kunis feet” popped up. What the heck? People search for some pretty strange stuff nowadays..

What kind of things would show up on your search history?

Your Music Moods

Do you ever play a song over and over? You play it so much, that it is to the point that when someone is listening with you, you accidentally pretend like it started over once its over, and suddenly feel uncomfortable when another song starts playing?

A lot of people felt this way about PSY’s new song, which almost has half a million views on Youtube, many probably from repeat viewers/listeners:

See, we have THREE basic moods when we approach music.

1. Skip, skip, skip

You skip every single song, because no song really fits the mood. Too gangsta’, too soft, too hardcore, too sexual, too girly, too loud, too boring, dumb lyrics, I-just-found-out-what-the-real-lyrics-are-so-nevermind, or too annoying. Its usually when we keep changing the radio station, or pressing the skip button on  our iPods over and over.

2. Anything goes

You don’t even pay attention to the music, or find the magical ability to sing along to just about anything that comes on. These are the times when you leave the radio station alone, or keep your mp3 on shuffle without interruptions.

3. Play the crap out of it

You find one song that you like, and play it. Again, and one more time. Then, just when you think its getting old and you don’t want to play it again.. it comes around one more time. It can be such an awesome feeling to find that one song that you can play on repeat; almost like you have found the perfect partner. You like what they say, how they express themselves, and how they make you feel …until they get annoying. Then you can’t stand her it anymore.



What song do you currently have on repeat?

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