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How do you answer this question?

No, I don’t mean answer the title of this post. I mean how do you answer THIS:

Do you mind?

Again, I’m not asking you anything. That’s the question! “Do you mind?” is a very weird question.

From what I learned from, you know, just living, the correct way to answer “do you mind?” is like this..  if for example someone asks you if you mind sharing some of your potato chips, you should answer based on the following:

If you want to give them chips, you say “I don’t mind” and then offer them some.

If you want to be greedy and deny your fellow man some chips, you say “Yes, I mind” and growl at them.

I mean, that’s typically how I do it. I don’t know about you guys.

When it comes to hearing it from other people, however, the conversations go something like this:

Guy: Hey, do you mind if I get a ride?

Girl: Of course, where are you going?

Guy: Great! I live like two miles away.

And I’m all like ..

WHAT? What just happened here? She just said “of course” she minds? I mean the question wasn’t,

“Hey can you give me a ride?”

It was: “Do you mind if I get a ride?”

I guess the question itself isn’t phrased right anyway, but we get the point. Am I missing something here? Have I lived all my life thinking one way, when it is really the opposite? If so, someone please comment and let me know. Then I’ll delete super-edit this post and never bring up the topic again, I promise.

Then other times, I hear stuff like this:

Guy: Hey, do you mind turning the music down?

Girl: Yes, I do.

Guy: …  *awkwardly stands there in silence*


Because how do you respond to that?

See, that’s just an awkward question to ask AND to respond to. You can answer yes or no and the ACTUAL answer is still based on what happens afterward.

  1. Venom #

    You are right! I noticed this before! >.< I would reply with "No I don't mind" or "Go ahead" if I agree with something, and with "I mind" or "No you can't!" if I don't. . . I guess! xD

    August 6, 2012
  2. I actually have a personal vendetta against this phrase. I always try to say “I do mind!” And then I try not to giggle, but I always end up giggling…

    August 6, 2012
    • Ha! It’s such a common and weird phrase I just hear a ZZZBSHHHZZZ (simulating a tv on a static channel) instead

      August 6, 2012
  3. Yeah. This is a sneaky way of guilting a person into doing what you want them to do, isn’t it?

    It’s hard to say “no” without sounding selfish. Good one, Edwin!

    August 6, 2012
  4. Yes that question has always confuzzled me too 😛

    August 8, 2012

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