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Awkward Goodbyes

How do you greet people?

I high-five, smile, wave, hug, shake hands, bump fists, secret handshake, kiss, dance, or I just don’t greet and move on straight to the first topic of conversation.

How do you say goodbye?

For some, it goes along with them. How they greet or how they say bye is a bit like their Catch Phrase, or catch “action” like basangsisiw mentioned. I say bye differently to many people. Some I hug, some I do the little hand gun gesture to, and to others I high five.

But what do you do when you haven’t established such a gesture with someone before?

As you may obviously not know, unless you follow me on Twitter, I try to go to the Downtown LA Art Walk every month. If you’re around, you should definitely go next time! Anyway, I was there with a few friends last month, and even though things didn’t really turn out the way I was expecting them to, it was a fun experience. As you can see from the short clip I shot with my phone, things got a little crazy.

Don’t worry, crazy stuff doesn’t happen every month. Every once in a while, it doesn’t.

Anyway, after a long night of being watched by what seemed to be 300 police officers on bikes and horses, we decided to head home. One of us was getting a ride home and picked up, so we walked together a couple of steps, and then looked at each other. We then realized that we hadn’t done that, we had never said goodbye to each other in person –ever. Well, there’s a first time for everything. She took a step to the side, I stepped forward, awkwardly stretched out my hand for a semi-high five (or something), she took a step back (did she think I was going to punch her?), and ended up giving each other a weird handshake type thing.

While we were walking back to the train station, my other friend looked at me.

“What was that?” he asked.

“That was a little awkward huh, she probably didn’t even notice,” I replied.

*insert that annoying iPhone alert ringtone we hear ALL the time, EVERYWHERE*

“Hold on, I got a text,” I said.

So then I thought to myself: No big deal! So she noticed that the goodbye was awkward, she probably wasn’t thinking about it as much as I was, what the heck.. Stop thinking about it, Edwin. Think about pizza. Ok, pi–awkward. That was awkward. Why does awkward stuff always happen to me? Am I awkward? I should start a blog. Oh wait I already have one. Hmm.. Yes, I’m forgetting about it. Darn it. Wait, forgot about what? Yes! I forgot!

And then…


At any rate, here are some questions for you:

  1. How do you say goodbye to your boss after you get fired?
  2. Do you wish a good day to the officer that just gave you a ticket?
  3. How do you say goodnight after a first date?
  4. When you say bye and then end up walking in the same direction, do you say goodbye again once you’re leaving for real?
  5. When someone is going around giving goodbye hugs, do you ever wonder if he or she is going to skip you?

And now, to cancel out that crazy previous video..

  1. 1.) “Fuck you, asshole, you can’t fire me ‘cuz I quit you goddamned piece of shit!”

    2.) I don’t think you say “good bye” to officers; especially if they give you a ticket. They’ll probably leave with a word of warning, “be safe on the way home; watch the speed limit, etc.” and just leave it at that. Always let them have the last word.

    3.) Usually with a hug (if it went well), then the usual nervous, “uh well, I had a great time, blahblahblah, you have my number if you want to do this again” type of deal. Actually the majority of my most recent dates have ended with the girl asking to use my bathroom. Which I find rather strange. Is this some new criteria we’re now judged on? Random bathroom cleanliness?

    4.) A knowingly awkward laugh and a good-bye, be safe type deal. “Text me when you get home” if it’s a particularly nasty part of town, or they can’t be trusted to make it there themselves. (My friends do this to me all the time.)

    5.) Group hugs are gross. Don’t do it.

    August 2, 2012
    • LOL!

      Freakin’ HILARIOUS comment! Thanks for taking the time to post this.. HAHAHAHA! Love the response to the boss. You know, I had the same question about girls and the bathroom question.. maybe its written in some sort of women dating self-help book or something. I’ve heard about getting judged on driving style, and car cleanliness.. but bathroom? Ugh, great.

      Thank you!


      August 2, 2012
  2. basangsisiw #

    First of all, let me thank you for that 2-sec fame you’ve accorded me, Ed. I do appreciate it. Anyway, you’re right that we have different ways of saying goodbye to different people. And I think what we do when we say it or how we do it, goes down to what and how we feel for the person especially if we talk of old buddies and regular companies. Needless to say, our emotions are what drives us to do/ not do an act or say/not say a word/s when goodbyes are said. Sometimes, it boils down to what our emotions dictate us at the time being. Personally, I opt for hugs and wave gestures. Hugs for BFFs and wave for regular friends (sorry for the branding). Not that I am being unnecessarily biased. It’s just that BFFs knew it so well why I had to do it when we are parting ways–because we don’t get much time to reunite with each other like we used to before. Moreover, based on the regular friends I have, I’m sure they’ll be surprised if I’m gonna squeeze them when saying my goodbye as they don’t see me as a typical hugger. Hehe! But to anyone I part ways with, whether they’re long time buddies or someone I just meet on the road, I try never to miss saying ‘thank you’. I sort of feel that “thank you” is a magical word as far as leave-taking is concerned. Well, of course, it doesn’t hold true to all cases. Like when I exited from my last job that I found it so awkward to say my goodbye using my magic word ‘thank you’ + for being unfairly biased to your subordinates! ( which went straight to my enraged ex- boss’s face…Mustered the courage to shake his hands and departed like am not ever even in so many years will come back to that place, to that office). It’s gross! High five to the one responsible for this post! 🙂

    August 3, 2012
  3. basangsisiw #

    Reblogged this on basangsisiw and commented:
    From Edwin’s words himself, there’s a first time for everything. And I owe the man my first (cameo appearance) “mention” in a blog. Hehe! Thanks AwkwardList! 🙂

    August 3, 2012

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