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I’d rather talk to Siri

I enjoy conversation.

It is one of the things I always make time for, whether its over the phone or over coffee, over email and even on Twitter. Yes, to all the people that follow me, my apologies for filling up your homepages with things like “@edwinsfriend that is way too awesome, and then what happened?” but I can’t stop myself. Yes, sometimes it gets in the way when I’m doing something important, but –Oh, phone! Hold on.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, in a group setting, conversations are completely different. Think about these:

  • An Awkward Silence between just two people is easy to overcome, and sure every once in a while both of you try to break the silence by saying something at the same time and then have to do the whole”Oh sorry, you go,”
    “No, no, I was going to say something dumb,”

    But in reality you were both going to say the first thing that popped into your head anyway, maybe about a new flavor of popcorn you tried, or a Facebook status you read. Facebook statuses are where conversations go to die.

    This is very different when you’re in a group. A group awkward silence is even more awkward if nobody attempts to bring the conversation back. Eventually the conversation-saver gets tired or distracted and the whole situation gets weird. If you’re all eating and happen to put food in your mouths at the same time, it will be all silence and then chewing noises for a while.

  • People have things to say, and some people don’t want to hear them. Have you ever been in a group conversation and started speaking about something, only to notice that nobody is listening to you? You look around desperately for someone to make eye contact with and finish your story.. but when it doesn’t happen, you just begin to get quieter and quieter, hoping that the gradual decrescendo will help out your embarrassment from becoming too obvious.
  • Ever told an awesome joke that makes everyone in your group laugh? You just stand there, with so much power while everyone else laughs it out.. so awesome.
  • Every once in a while, someone will want you to tell a story. Of course, prior to asking you to tell it, they made sure it had been ridiculously hyped up and expected to be the second greatest story ever told.. but midway through your story you realize that its not that great, and once you reach the conclusion of it, nobody thinks its the end of it because it hasn’t gotten awesome yet. So you’re forced to just glare at your friend who made you tell it. It gets awkward as soon as someone asks “So, that’s it?”

Some people prefer groups, others prefer one on one conversations.. how do you like to communicate? Text? Call? Email?

  1. I am in constant communication with at least 6 people on any given day. I’m all about FB, email, and texting, but I have to be honest…I cannot STAND talking on the phone! It’s one of those things that, I find, is just the worst. The absolute worst.

    Also, I’m good with group communication, but I find one-on-one to be SO much better! Since I have a mild form of ADD, it’s easier for me to focus on just one person… 😉

    Great post (as always!), Edwin! 🙂

    June 20, 2012
    • Hi! 🙂

      Thank you! And thats impressive.. 6 conversations –i can definitely see you pulling that off!

      One question, why do people hate the phone? Is it because of the whole “I don’t know how to hang up” thing? haha

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s always awesome to hear from you 😀


      June 20, 2012
      • I think it’s because, on the phone, you have to be nice and polite and create small-talk before getting to the REAL reason why you’re calling.

        When I’m texting or emailing, it’s just understandable why you just get straight to the point. Sometimes (i.e. often), I don’t even put any text in the body of the email – I just say whatever I need to say in the subject line.

        Small-talk averted.

        June 20, 2012
  2. totally been the onebtalking to no one in a group!!!

    June 20, 2012
  3. I’m especially bad for these awkward conversation happenings. 😛 My friend Greg is actually the same way too so whenever we talk with each other our conversations consist of trying to speak at the same time and multiple awkward silences…. Does any one else have that one friend where conversation is just like that?

    June 28, 2012
    • First of all, hi!!

      It’s been a while 🙂

      And yes! It usually starts off like that with new friends, and after a while of hanging out and such, it goes away.. but sometimes the awkwardness just sticks haha. Unless Greg is a little more than just a friend, then it’s a whole other story! 😛



      June 28, 2012

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