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Oh no, I don’t need to see your ID, you’re obviously old

How are you guys doing? It has been a while! I got busy, then lazy, then busy again.. but I’m here, and no this is not just an apology post. I’m still alive. Worry if I stop going on Twitter though, If I’m suddenly no longer Tweeting, then either the Y2K is happening, the internet died, or well.. uh, I chopped off all my fingers –who am I kidding.. I’d find a way. Anyway, here we go:

Aaaand cue Ragtime music!

Being carded when entering an age-restricted event, or trying to make a purchase rated more for the adult crowd such as a video game or those CD’s with many curse words in them, can be a little uncomfortable for some. We have the older folk over here, that get to do pretty much anything they want (and yes, that includes pooping in their pants), and the other crowd, those that look too young for their age. Sure, we’ve all felt like we were too young for our ages, especially those of you that are freshmen in high school or college or have just joined the workforce as young professionals.. but this is a whole other level of uncomfortable. That little card proves that you are worthy of what ever it is you’re planning on doing.

Think about this:

  • Suppose you’re an older person, and you look your age.. and you’re hanging out with younger people. Everybody around you is getting carded, but when its your turn, when they ask to see your identification, it might be just out of courtesy. Sort of like how you don’t talk about obesity around obese people, or say racist jokes around people you just met. You guys get me? They’re asking you for your card, but they know you’re older than  21. And you know that they know. And they know that you know that they know.
  • Imagine that you look a lot younger than your age, like you’re short, you have no facial hair, or you purchase very expensive moisturizer and therefore look really young. Somebody might look at your card and be like “Uh, is this really you?” because you were even younger in your picture and they’re suspicious.
  • What if they ask you information about yourself to prove that its you? I don’t know about you guys, but my mind goes blank sometimes when I’m under pressure like that. A police officer once asked me for my name and I hesitated. Now imagine they ask something more complicated like my date of birth or my address? Ahh!
  • The card has your picture. Yes, the picture that you wish you could retake at the DMV but they didn’t let you because there were 345,321 people waiting in line after you to take their pictures. Who isn’t embarrassed of their driver’s license picture? Showing anybody that thing is a little awkward.. and it contains private information. Who cares about your date of birth, or driver’s license number! It tells people YOUR WEIGHT! Which I guess doesn’t matter that much since you lied on it anyway. But still, it has your middle name! There.

Do you look your age?


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  1. Do I look my age?
    I remember a distant cousin asking me if I recently got promoted to sixth grade.
    I actually got promoted to ninth.
    So there is your answer.

    June 16, 2012
    • Hi Meghna!

      Wow! That can be a good thing, no? Everybody wants to look young :p


      June 16, 2012
      • That is what everybody tells me. But honestly, sometimes it can get a little irritating when people underestimate you because of the age.

        Anyway, great post! I missed the awkwardness while you were ‘busy, lazy and busy’. I’m glad I don’t have to anymore! 🙂

        June 16, 2012
        • I guess I can see it being irritating.. blah. And hey thank you! I found out that no matter how busy you get, there’s always time for a post.


          June 17, 2012
  2. I love my driver’s license photo! It’s actually one of the reasons I haven’t gone to get a new one since moving 2(+) years ago; as I’m scared I won’t be able to recapture its awesomeness. Instead I just fib to random cops (“Uh, yes, officer, I did just move…”) about my current residence.

    June 16, 2012
    • Shenanitim! <–Awesome btw

      You are one of the few.. People either come out too dark, too light, out of focus, nervous, .. the list goes on and on. Lucky!


      June 16, 2012
  3. Believe me, you WILL remember the first time you are with a crowd and you are NOT carded!
    You have great life-observations on your blog.
    Thanks for the link-back!

    June 16, 2012
    • Hi!

      No prob! It was a good post 🙂

      You are right, we complain about not being carded and then when we don’t, we know exactly why, haha! Good one!

      Those signs I see every once in a while make me think.. they say “If you look under 40, you will have to show your ID”. 40 seems like a complicated age as it is..



      June 16, 2012
      • And trust me ….. getting asked if you qualify for the “senior discount” BEFORE you have reached the qualifying age is a genuine traumatic experience. Now THAT is awkward!!!!

        June 17, 2012
        • Whoa, I didn’t think of that hahaha, now there’s a good post idea!! That IS awkward!

          June 17, 2012
  4. anonymousy #

    Ah, I dream of the day when I’m not carded for things….I’m 29, but I guess I look a lot younger to people. It gets old…it would be nice to be treated like an adult when I just want to buy a bottle of wine. Most days I’m just happy when they’re polite about it. 🙂

    June 20, 2012
    • You look younger than your age, that’s the dream! Haha, but yeah, it can get a little weird. I once opened the door and some lady asked if my parents were home.. I was like, uh.. my parents?

      but then someone calls me “sir” out on the street, I feel extra old. Respected, but old.

      Thanks for the comment! Ive been following your Tweets by the way.. you’re cool 🙂


      June 20, 2012
      • anonymousy #

        Maybe I’m weird, but when somebody calls me “ma’am,” I think “Yes, they think I’m a grown-up!”

        Ha, my twitter is nothing but gibberish sometimes, but thanks for saying so.

        I’ve been reading your blog for a while, it’s pretty funny. I’m such a lurker on people’s blogs, I should comment more. 🙂

        June 20, 2012
        • Hey thank you for reading this thing! 🙂

          And yes definitely comment around because lurking reminds me of alligators and of that suspicious guy from the “neighborhood watch” signs on my street..


          But yay now your blog is one click away!


          June 21, 2012

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