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I don’t think she heard you, bro

120. When you try to speak to someone who is wearing earphones, and you get ignored.

Except for two people (you know who you are) nobody really checks out my About page. But don’t worry; I’m not complaining about it or anything.. I’m using that as an excuse to tell you a little about my “normal” days.

I’m posting this through the handy WordPress app for iPhone while sitting on a bus. Here, I’ll take a picture:


I’m not sure if it added since I just see a bunch of code over this, but let’s hope for the best.

You see, it’s difficult for me to not notice little details, and I only blame this blog for 10% of it because I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember.

1. When your car embarrasses you: Yes, I know we shouldn’t be concerned about material things in life, but sometimes it’s funny to do so. My sister and I make fun of my car because of one or two things that are wrong with it. Here are the one or two things:

1- I can’t tell what radio station it’s playing since the display is busted.
1- The trunk won’t open.
1- Sometimes the gas cap door refuses to close after fueling.
2- The windshield wipers make visibility worse and stutter on the way down.
2- It screeches when I turn on the air conditioning.
2- You hear a DING!!! when you turn it off

And it’s newest thing is squeaking when you start it. It wakes up my neighbors. And that’s how I started my day.

2. I drove over to the Metro station and had to park next to a guy who thought the lines were diagonal and forced me to take some space on the one next to mine. And now the OTHER person is probably going to go home and blog about how some guy doesn’t know how to park inside a parking space.

3. On my way to the ticket pass machine, I pulled out a bunch of change from my pocket in front of a homeless person that asked for change and I had to explain to him that I needed it to get to school and back. He didn’t understand the second time I explained so I gave up and walked away feeling super awkward.

4. I was working my way out of the train, when I was blocked by a girl with a HUGE bicycle.

Ok, maybe not that big.

So I look at her, and say:

“Excuse me, is this your exit also?”

No response.

“Umm, hello?”

She just keeps looking out the door, bobbing her head slightly.

Two other people looked over at me, and then I realized that I was trying to talk to someone that has earphones on. Awkward. Then I saw another lady try to talk to her, this one actually tapped her shoulder to get her attention once we were at the bus stop.

5. Later in the day, in class, my professor was explaining something on chapter 7 in our textbook. I did not understand one of his diagrams, so I raised my hand and after being ignored for a few minutes, I asked him what one of the values was.. and he replied:

“Oh its in your textbook”

“Oh, sorry.. my book doesn’t have it,” I said preparing myself for what was about to happen.

“What do you mean it doesn’t have it?” he asked.

“My book skips chapter 7. It goes from chapter 6 to chapter 8,” I said while slowly sinking into my chair.

The whole class laughed. Yes I know it wasn’t funny, but in this class even swatting away a mosquito brings amusement. Trust me.

“Psst.. its 80 Newtons,” I heard a girl whisper behind me.

Thank you, girl that sits behind me!

“Of course it has chapter 7,” the professor stated.

“Oh,” I said. And pretended to finally see it.

The whole class laughed again.

Now let me show you guys the Table of Contents:

Ok, you can barely see it but it goes from 6 to 8!

All of that took place in about one quarter of my day, so I’ll let you imagine the rest. Sure, the classroom experience was a bit embarrassing but eh, it was funny afterward. Way afterward. When I forgot about it actually. Now its embarrassing again.


Anyway, thanks for reading a little about my day.. Have an awkward one, everyone 🙂


  1. Being ignored after speaking or greeting someone is horribly awkward! Almost as bad as when you try to contribute to a conversation and someone else says something at the exact same time. To overcome these I employ the shoulder-tapping technique, the over-the-top-wave-in-their-face technique or the talk overly loudly so everyone pays attention technique.

    May 3, 2012
    • Hahaha that is so true! Sounds like a great idea for a post 🙂

      That is a fail proof technique by the way!


      May 10, 2012
  2. Jellybean #

    This made me look at your about me page…;)

    May 3, 2012
  3. What an excellent way to get people to your About page. I’m also in love with your sans-chapter-7 book. How beautifully awkward.

    May 3, 2012
  4. genesismeranda #

    I read this while I was stuck in traffic this morning. I definitely was laughing behind the wheel; good thing that’s not illegal!

    May 3, 2012
  5. This is why the muffler-style head phones should make a triumphant come-back. Very funny post–love the picture of the bike! 🙂

    May 3, 2012
  6. No one ever looks at “about” pages. I think like 3 people have ever looked at mine. And all three of them were featured on that page. However it was a great page, I feel like I learned all the things. And… that text book totally sucks!

    May 3, 2012
  7. chunter #

    I used to wear headphones on buses and trains deliberately to avoid being spoken to. Funny how that works.

    You can fix the squeaky wipers by replacing them.

    You can fix the squeaky and pingy stops and starts by having the belts checked and replaced. Please do it before one of them breaks and your car decides to exit its mortal ignition coil.

    Best wishes

    May 3, 2012

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