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104. Trying to pass a slow walker on the sidewalk

It becomes somewhat of an awkward race.

Have you ever been walking behind really s..l..o..w.. walkers on a sidewalk? It happens to me all the time! And a lot of those times, I hesitate to pass them.

I can’t say I’m a fast walker, but I walk faster than most people -around here, at least. And I walk, well, not quite in a hurry, but with a slightly faster cadence that allows me to go .0001 mph faster than other people… which makes passing someone up look like a very bad race set in slow motion.

As you approach a slow walker in front of you, think of the following:

Is he or she walking only a little slower than you? You see, if you are both walking at around the same speed, you will have to either step it up, or it will take you a very long time to pass the person.

Will he or she speed up as you approach? Yeah. It happens, trust me on this one.. and it is way more common than you think. Even though we tend to be very social as humans and enjoying getting together, we also have a weird repellent effect with others at times. If we see someone approach us from behind, we run.

Are you willing to keep the faster pace going? If you plan on slowing down after you pass the person, you are risking a re-match.. yes, they might want to pass you up. Remember: If you’re going to pass, step on the gas.

Oh, and avoid eye contact.

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On 102. A misleading profile picture:

It’s called creative marketing, baby! 😉
Lorna’s Voice

Even though some people might call it false advertising, I agree with your idea, hahaha! Besides, our real friends would know what we actually look like; that’s what counts anyway, right? Too funny! 🙂

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  1. Haha! Nice topic, this happened to me yesterday lol. I don’t mean to seem spammy, but I wrote a post about a variant of this a while back. I hate awkward moments lol

    December 15, 2011
    • Thanks for the comment! I’ll be sure to find that post.. awkward moments are awkward!

      Uh.. Yeah.


      December 15, 2011
  2. This happens with me ALL THE TIME!
    I also walk faster than other people and I also get irritated when the person ahead of me is moving at a glacial pace and is in no mood to make way for me. It happens mostly on narrow staircases which means a long wait, which means –

    December 15, 2011
  3. *which means – ‘argh’

    December 15, 2011
  4. This post is my life.

    December 15, 2011
  5. munteng #

    most of the time i’ll just slow my speed down.
    somehow i feel i’m being kind hearted by letting them lead the way.
    or i’m just lazy to handle such stressful situation so i just chicken out.

    thanks for your humorous post!

    December 16, 2011
  6. Especially timely in these days when malls and sidewalks are busy with shoppers, oblivious to anything but the next purchase or when the heck they can escape the decked halls.

    I think of navigating this kind of thing as a test of my choreography skills. So far, Dancing With the Stars won’t be calling me… 😉

    Glad you liked my comment from your former post! 🙂

    December 18, 2011
  7. anonymousy #

    Perfect! I work at a university, so this happens to me daily. Our students spend a lot of time walking around slowly. It’s probably more annoying than awkward, because they’re usually talking on the phone or texting (and demonstrating a lack of consideration for others)..but it becomes awkward when they’re walking just fast enough to make it difficult to get around them (as you said).

    December 19, 2011
  8. I am a SUPER fast walker, so I always pass slow walkers on the sidewalk! There is a very delicate way you have to handle it so as not to knock people over or push them into the street while still getting past them…you sort of have to sashay around them with your arms up in the air (doing that takes up less room…lol).

    And, yeah, I always avoid eye contact with these people…lol.

    January 19, 2012

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