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99. Someone leaves without washing their hands

..after using a public restroom.

Some people have the whole germaphobe thing going for them. You know, they wash their hands all the time, carry around hand sanitizer, and even use a paper towel to grab the door knob to leave a public restroom; and they feel like its Christmas when someone comes in just as he or she is leaving because it means that there will be no need to touch the door at all! Taking advantage of others.. ohh yeah..

Unfortunately, not all of us are like that.

While utilizing a urinal, I usually just stare at the wall in front of me… and its almost as though I’m meditating; but in reality, I’m extra attentive to my surroundings. I believe it to be somewhat of a survival technique, you see, while illegally urinating on the street, one has to be extra attentive and watch out for pervs and other peepers (as well as cops), so in a way it can be considered natural instinct. But anyway, I almost always notice when I hear the peeing noise, followed by the flush, and then my natural instinct tells me that I will hear a step, step, step and then hear the soap dispenser noise, followed by running water, etc. but instead it goes something like this:

Psssssssssh (aka the peeing noise), drip fart drip, ziiip, FLUSH!, step step step, step … step step step, squeak, DOOR SLAM.

Don’t be freaked out, everyone notices stuff when they’re taking care of business thanks to bathroom paranoia. Its normal, trust me.

What is awkward here is that some people just walk right by you as you’re working hard washing your hands and head for the door after they used the toilet without washing their hands. Some even make eye contact with you.


They might as well say hi and offer to shake your hand! Just kidding, that’d be gross.

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  1. If you want to truly understand a culture, observe peoples’ behaviors in bathrooms and elevators. That’s an old Lorna saying, not an old Chinese Proverb. 😉

    November 8, 2011

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