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87. Not being able to find the sleeve on your jacket

Where is it?!

We have all been there. Suddenly it gets really cold in the office or in the classroom and you reach over for your sweater or jacket. We were taught to dress ourselves when we were young (or at least, I’m assuming so), but for some reason, the task seems impossible sometimes. Consider the following:

A. One arm is easy, the other is not. Of course it is absolutely no problem to find one of the sleeves since you have an extra arm to help you, but once that one is in, it is trapped in the sleeve so the other must do the work on its own.

B. It can be embarrassing. Watching people struggle is funny sometimes, but after a while you just begin feeling sorry for the poor souls and feel like you must help them. It is almost like watching your pet turtle trying to flip itself right-side up again. Now imagine that you are the turtle.

C. It is frustrating. People put on jackets in order to keep warm, but sometimes with the struggle itself, it gets really warm really fast! Some people’s body temperature goes up as the embarrassment level increases, so the whole situation gets extremely awkward; you suddenly feel like you’re in a constraint jacket, and you will never find the way out.

And well, you just look silly trying to put it on.

But soon enough, the struggle pays off. Then all that is left is to fix your hair, and avoid the eye contact. Do you guys know what I’m talking about?

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  1. This is funny and so true 🙂

    September 7, 2011
  2. That NEVER happens to me 😉 I just wear stuff inside out or forget to wear a bra.

    BTW, I love your list of sites that don’t feature you!

    September 7, 2011
  3. TBM #

    This happened to me the other day. I was trying to put my arm through the hood. I wasn’t in class, but at a tennis match at the US Open. I was trying to be quick so I wouldn’t block anyone’s view of the court. I’m hoping it isn’t on youtube.

    September 8, 2011
  4. Worse yet is when you knock someones drink off the table or hit someone up aide the head–not that this has happened to me 😉

    September 8, 2011
  5. A few years ago I got beat up outside a club while trying to “find my sleeves” a very long time ago, so awkward lesson no.87 don’t do that outside a night club where there is lots of alcohol flowing. Its a recipe for being beaten up ha ha ha

    September 9, 2011
  6. HAHAHA that made me laugh.

    September 10, 2011

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