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38. Looking at the dead guy in a movie

You’re watching a movie. In some heroic attempt, an important character ends up in a horrible accident and is now dying in the arms of somebody.

The dying dude finally dies, and then here comes an epic speech from the person watching the dude die. She might cry and yell out how much he meant to her and about all of the people that he affected while he was alive. She might be cursing at the guy for dying, or letting him know that she’s grateful that he finally died . . what?! Yes. Actually, I don’t know and maybe neither do you because a large percentage of people pay very little attention to what is going on after a person dies because we find ourselves looking at the dead guy to see if he’s moving.

We become doctors, checking his neck for a pulse, watching his chest for any signs of breathing, or his eyes for any twitching that might show us a sign of life! Who knows why people even bother to do this. Chances are the man isn’t actually dead in the movie, so yes people he is alive, he’s just doing his job of playing dead as one of his major tasks before receiving his final paycheck for the job.

Some people even say “Hey man, check it out, he’s breathing.” And the other movie watcher will respond with “Oh yeah I saw that!”. Instead of you guys paying attention to what’s going on in the movie, you focus on the part of the screen that isn’t moving (or at least trying not to move) because its a dead guy!

Guilty! I catch myself looking at the dead people to see if they move..

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  1. Solution : Watch only zombie movies !!

    June 17, 2011

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