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SWP #2 Perverted things

Special Weekend Post:

Back in high school, I used to call people “pervs”.

Hey Edwin, do you have a quarter? Perv. 

OK. So maybe not quite like that, but it was a pretty common word. Not because things seemed perverted, and no it should not be compared to today’s “That’s what she said!” remarks; I think it was mostly just to be random, though slowly it started developing into a catch phrase. It’s over now, but hearing the word now still reminds me of those good times.

Many new ideas for the list of awkward has been flowing in, and I am very excited to keep them coming. One of these, brought up after a trip to the movie theater, was the listing of #13 Sex scenes which deals with the uncomfortable moments when a love scene comes up in a movie. I was a bit surprised at the amount of traffic that post received, primarily from search engines with queries such as “sex scenes”. For you internet searchers, I’d like to apologize for disappointing you and not providing you with anything else but a funny post. I hope you eventually found what you were looking for on another site, pervs. 🙂

On another note, there are a few things to note around here: a new layout and a couple of new pages have arrived, as well as other little widget changes few of you might notice. Woo hoo!

We have interesting posts coming up this week. Expect to read about a situation that you’ve probably experienced recently while visiting a friend.. And, oh! Can you say you’re good at using utensils? You’ll see why I am asking on a post later on this week. Embarrassing moments coming right up!

Thank you for sharing posts you like with your friends! I’m glad to know others are getting a good laugh at home, wasting company time while at work, and having a reason to check your smartphone’s email/web app as an excuse to ignore somebody. Ha ha! Just kidding. . but seriously, thank you!

Have a good Sunday!


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  1. Happy Easter, Edwin!

    Like that you are more “personable” in your post and listing your name. The site looks great! It’s fun to change things up a bit or find the ‘right’ look for you!

    It looks like a leather notebook/day runner.

    Looking forward to reading about your embarrasing moment. It might remind me of my own. I’m not a cook/kitchen person…to my husband’s dismay, but he knew that when marrying me.

    Yes, I do remember the “perv” popularity. It our day there were words like “Poser or Hoser”- poser meaing you were regular Joe one day and the next you’re a Skinhead or part of the Mod Squad. “Wannabe”

    There have been so many, I can’t recall them all!


    April 24, 2011

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