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#13 Sex scenes

When you’re on a date. When you’re with your best friend. When you just ate. When you need to pee. When you’re with your sister. When your parents are in the room. When it is an actual sex scene (the ones where you see the guy’s butt).

Suppose you’re on a date, watching a movie that involves a love scene. The scene could catch you by surprise, or it could be somewhat anticipated; either way the result is always awkward. The most common response is to sit very still and forget that you had been eating popcorn. If the scene catches you while you’re taking a sip of your drink, the straw is likely to stay in your mouth because you will freeze. Any type of twitching, readjusting, or any eye contact is strongly discouraged during these scenes.

Its a bit easier to manage when you’re with your best friend, mostly because you both know each other well enough to avoid talking about it after the movie.

If you need to use the restroom, be careful. Dirty minds might assume that you aren’t going to do the regular restroom business. Enough said.

Whoa, would you look at that..? Are they .. really doing it? Honey! Honey, come over quick!”

Parents are embarrassing sometimes.

I avoid those movies as much as possible because of these situations. I mean what if its one of those intense scenes where they last more than a minute, up to the point where you want to look around to see what everyone’s expression is, things get a bit uncomfortable. I’m sure movie makers are aware of this and adjust the movies accordingly, but then again I’ve heard a lot about people that watch a movie because they hear rumors of a sex scene between top celebrities, and they just have to see it for themselves.

Freakin’ sex scenes.

  1. OMG- have a great one- you are serving as inspiration for future posts for me. I’m making notes for after the A-Z challenge.

    My husband and I’s first date and it wasn’t technically a date/but it was…kind of awkward things. At that time, I considered it “hanging out” because we met each other there, but then he paid for my ticket…now we’re married so it was our first date!

    Anyway, talk about embarrassing we saw American Pie. OMG- think of all those scenes! The jerk off, the girl in his bedroom, the pie, the flute, Stiffler…the school poop scene. It was hysterical and uncomfortable simultaneously!

    Needless to say, we own the collection of movies!


    April 22, 2011
    • Your comments serve as inspiration too! I’m thinking of a post to include a moment like the one you had at the fast food restaurant, when the guy decided to take a picture of your awesome new hairstyle and show it to his friends via text message 🙂 that’s awkward.

      American Pie! who picked it? Glad it was a memorable experience haha.

      April 23, 2011
  2. ohanabee #

    I think the most awkward is watching sex scenes when your parents are in the room, especially when the scene comes :)) unannounced. you get caught by surprise. so, i’ll just pretend i have to go to the restroom or drink water, save a stranded kitty in a tree, you name it :)) let’s say that they are not my cup of tea (i.e. sex scenes)

    April 22, 2011
    • (all nonchalont) Oh look- there’s a cat stuck in the tree!


      Love it.

      April 24, 2011
  3. I think i read on recently of a girl that was at her boyfriends house watching a movie when a sex scene came up. The father tried to fast forward it but instead set it to slow motion and couldn’t fix it. Sucks..

    And I do the same too! I find any excuse to leave the room!

    April 23, 2011
  4. ohanabee #

    OOoh I just remembered a good one. I was at my cousin w some of her friends. She is a very religious person. That day we wanted to watch on dvd a movie. She went to a neighbor to get some movies we haven’t seen. The neighbor gave her a binder full of dvd’s. Most of the dvd’s were bootleg. So she puts one in and oohhh :))) was a porn-a girl on a car making some noises :))) omg, you should have seen her trying to stop and eject the dvd. She turned all red, the image froze and finally she managed to stop it. I swear, I live for this kind of family moments. Priceless.

    April 24, 2011
    • HAHA!!! Priceless.. Just priceless!! I actually feel a little bad for her! Now THAT’S awkward.

      April 25, 2011

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