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#12 Making a full stop when a cop is around

 You might have heard of a California Roll. You know, that rice thing called “Sushi” or something that nobody really likes on their first try?

O.K. well that isn’t what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the rolling stops that are frequent here in California; as you approach a stop sign, you slow down and hold down the brakes but don’t really come up to a full stop, you just slow down to 1 MPH and then continue after looking both ways.

I do my complete stop all the time. Especially when there is a police officer right there on the adjacent corner.

These police officers live in California, and they themselves do not do full stops, so when I approach a stop sign and there is a police car behind me, I always think to myself:

“Oh crap. OK. Full stop.. check. Look both ways.. check. Oh no, what if I get a ticket for taking too long?”

And then the police car approaches the stop sign and does the California Roll so I begin to freak out thinking that he’s coming after me and that’s why he didn’t want to wait at the stop sign. Here is what the cop is thinking:

“Hmm.. I know that nobody does a full stop, but since I’m here, he’s doing it. This is awkward.” *Speeds away*

I wonder if they notice that everybody hits the brakes to slow down when the cop is spotted on the freeway. At night it becomes pretty obvious, since big red lights flash behind your car when you tap the brakes.

It must be cool to be a cop. Well, except for the fact that everyone around me would drive extra slow enough to get me mad.

Oh stop signs. They’re amazing. Who actually stops fully? Please take the poll below:

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  1. I very rarely roll through a stop sign as I was only pulled over once in my life and it was FOR THAT EXACT REASON! Luckily, I didn’t receive a ticket, but talk about awkward…the Sheriff was DREAMY like Actor good looking a blonde version of John Stamos kind of Brad Pitt and I was 19. I was so nervous and my wallet was in my glove compartment. I didn’t realize there was another sheriff on the other side of my car and I made a sudden movement to quickly get my license and registration and the other guy put his hand on his gun. I about had a heart attack! I didn’t get a ticket, but YES, I now stop at stop signs. 🙂


    April 21, 2011

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