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#4 Waiting for your dog to finish pooping

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, you probably don’t walk your dog. Or worse: you don’t have one.

It has come to my attention that I don’t really know how to react when my dog starts doing his pre-pooping routine, which involves a Look of Guilt and begins to go around in circles with his hind legs a little too close to his front ones. Here it comes.

He’s sniffing around.

He’s embarrassed.



I find myself just standing there. Motionless. What if someone is watching? I’d rather avoid the eye contact. I always carry around the little baggies and the scooper thing. Sometimes I don’t bring the scooper thing and I just use the bag as a glove and flip it inside out. (Yeah, I don’t like thinking about it either. Oh, its warm by the way.)

Oh what!? That picture says “Pet waste pollutes drinking water sources.” What about all of those people guilty of public urination? Wait, we drink.. huh? Where does the water from the drinking fountains come from?

Anyway, so your dog is pooping and you’re just standing there. You don’t want to look at your dog taking a crap, you don’t want to look around in other directions because then you look like a troublemaker, and you can’t just avoid it and pretend it isn’t happening.

It has always been an awkward situation.

  1. I feel the SAME way! 🙂

    Funny…it is an odd situation. I’m always afraid if I look away, he’ll be done and then I won’t quite remember where the spot was and have to HUNT for it…and well, that seems more awkward, and not to mention you risk stepping in little pieces that may not be next to the original pile…because the darn dog felt the need to spread it out…how dare the neighbor dog use the same greenbelt! So I have to watch to catch where the 2 little extras went…great. The best ones are the ones you can’t pick really up, by the way, and you find yourself “smearing” it into the grass, by accident. FUN TIMES!


    April 12, 2011
    • Hahahahahahaha!! You’re right! Oh man this has really made my day!

      April 12, 2011

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